The Structure and Function of Ion Resin

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Ion resin is a functional group (with exchange ions of the active group), with a network structure, insoluble polymer compounds. Its full name consists of a category name, a skeleton (or gene) name, and a base name. Here we explain in detail to you about the structure and role of ion resin:

Ionic resin has a strong alkaline, its internal structure is complex, mostly in pore-type distribution structure composition, is an important component of styrene genetic material organization. Most of the ionic resin is a reticular tissue structure, the product of the compound type of excellent results, can be used for a long time in any complex environment, will not easily dissolve the effects of high-level compounds. In daily life, we are common in most of the products are small spherical shape of the particle objects.

Ion resin has a good adsorption effect, is processing of propylene material can not be ignored in the material, can play on the adsorption of ionic pigments; as a regenerated product, the material has a good decolorization capacity decomposition function , Can easily be eluted, sugar processing plants are often used decolorization resin material, the decolorization of sugar, to enhance the quality of sugar products, is now in the sugar industry in China's popularity.

Ionic resin on the organizational structure and the role of the introduction to here, and I hope to help you. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.