Ion exchange resin common problems processing method

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We use ion exchange resin, it is necessary to understand some of its common problems, so as to be able to deal with the method. The following ion exchange resin manufacturers to tell you about ion exchange resin common problem processing methods:

First, before the use of resin pretreatment

In the industrial products of ion exchange resins, often contain a small amount of organic oligomers and a cause of inorganic impurities. In the early use will gradually dissolve the release, affecting the water quality or product quality. Therefore, the new resin must be pretreated before use, the specific method is as follows:

1, the resin into the exchanger, with clean water backwash resin layer, spreading rate of 50-70%, until the water clear, odorless, non-finely ground resin so far.

2, with about 2 times the resin volume of 4-5% HCl solution, 2m / h flow rate through the resin layer. After all access, soak 4-8 hours, drain acid, rinse with clean water to the water was neutral. The flushing flow rate is 10-20 m / h.

3, with about 2 times the resin volume of 2-5% NaOH solution, according to the above method into the HCl access and immersion. Drained to lye, rinse with clean water to the water was neutral. The flow rate is the same as above. Acid, lye if repeated 2-3 times, the effect is better. The pretreatment of the resin, the first put into operation should be appropriate to increase the amount of regenerant to ensure that the resin to obtain adequate regeneration.

Second, resin silicon pollution treatment

The contamination of silicon compounds occurs in strong base anion exchangers, especially in equipment and systems for combined use of strong and weak anions, which often results in a decrease in the efficiency of the removal of the silicon in the cathode exchanger. The reason for this contamination is that regeneration is not sufficient, or the resin fails to regenerate in time. Treatment, can be diluted with warm alkaline solution immersion dissolved. Lye concentration of 2%, the temperature of about 40 degrees. Serious pollution, the use of heated 4% sodium hydroxide solution cycle cleaning.

Third, the resin treatment of organic pollution

3, the conductivity of the water increased; 4, the pH value of the effluent to reduce; 5, the water of the two-2, the water-soluble cation exchange resin, Silicon oxide content increased; 6, cleaning water increased.

Ion exchange resin to address the common problem here, and I as an ion exchange resin manufacturers, the production of high quality product quality, reasonable price, welcome new and old customers to buy.